As always, when The Cure play live, CURECONNECTIONS is in the front row.

A live report including meet ups, set lists, comments, photos and even video is sent straight to your homes in „real time“, as it happens so that you can share in the experience of virtually being there yourselves.

Join us this Saturday, as Robert and the boys perform at Bestival and give us your feedback on what unfolds.

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CURECONNECTIONS compilations presents…

The Cure – Best Of Festivals

Just ahead of Bestival 2011, we asked you to pick 5 of your favourite festival tracks to get you in that outdoor mood.
Once again, you came up with some gems and so here is the set list we compiled from your selections.
Hopefully it has captured a typical festival set, with a few surprises thrown in. So load up your media player and perhaps even listen while on your way to The Isle Of Wight.

Those of you going, have a safe trip and above all. HAVE FUN!



The Cure „Reflections“: both nights – free video download!!


Reflections: both nights - free video download