New download: The Cure – Best Of Festivals

CURECONNECTIONS compilations presents…

The Cure – Best Of Festivals

Just ahead of Bestival 2011, we asked you to pick 5 of your favourite festival tracks to get you in that outdoor mood.
Once again, you came up with some gems and so here is the set list we compiled from your selections.
Hopefully it has captured a typical festival set, with a few surprises thrown in. So load up your media player and perhaps even listen while on your way to The Isle Of Wight.

Those of you going, have a safe trip and above all. HAVE FUN!


01. The Kiss, Vieilles Charrues 20-07-2002
02. Want, Werchter 02-07-2000
03. Primary, Glastonbury 21-06-86
04. It’s Not You, Great Expectations 13-06-1993
05. Play for Today, Zillo 13-07-2002
06. M, Apeldoorn 18-07-1980
07. A Strange Day, Glastonbury 23-06-1990
08. Fire in Cairo, Great Expectations 13-06-1993
09. Disintegration, Deck The Hall Ball 10-12-1997
10. Fascination Street, Glastonbury 23-06-1990
11. Shake Dog Shake, Avenches 18-08-2005
12. Lament, Elephant Fayre 30-07-1983
13. The Holy Hour, Wertchter 05-07-1981
14. Other Voices, Werchter 05-07-1981
15. Three Imaginary Boys, Zillo 13-07-2002
16. In Your House, Apeldoorn 18-07-1980
17. Three, Vivid Live 31-05-2011
18. A Forest, Rock am Ring 14-06-1986

Encore a
19. The Figurehead, Scheessel 26-06-2004
20. Prayers For Rain, Paleo, 25-7-2002
21. The Drowning Man, Campo Fiera 06-07-2002
22. Sinking, Taubertal-Open-Air 26-07-98
23. Pornography, Zillo 13-07-2002

Encore b
24. Charlotte Sometimes, Coachella 02-05-2004
25. Wrong Number, Download 06-10-2007
26. The Perfect Boy, Coachella 19-04-2009
27. Just Like Heaven, Taubertal 26-07-98
28. Boys Don’t Cry, Sudoeste 07-08-1998

All songs chosen by the members of CURECONNECTIONS.

Cover art by Skuld.

Setlist lovingly compiled by Sues and Steve.


Enjoy, turn up the volume and cheers,

P.S. „Best Of Festivals“ now running on the CURECONNECTIONS online music player „Signal To Noise“.