From A Distance


From A Distance – memories of other times.

Well, these are probably not my best pictures ever. But I found them the other day in my Lightroom checking on older pictures (OK, these are a little more than 1,5 years old, so not really old…). And I found them emotional and charismatic enough to be posted here. I took them in a memorable night out in the cold of the beautiful North Sea island called Wangerooge. Together with my crazy brother nicologic and a ‚couple‘ of beers in our backpack…

I call this article and this series of pictures „From A Distance“ because they make me see things from a distance. Not only the lighttower. Back then everything was different. Job, family, the best friend and most reliable person I ever had in my life was still with us. These pictures allow me (and others too) to lean back, sigh, remember and try to see the beauty in everything!

Below you will find my soundtrack to the photographs.




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