Up high in the north
At the end of my rocky road
I heard the call Weiterlesen

Dear Cureconnectors.

First, I continue to call you Cureconnectors if that’s OK. To me everybody who was a member and involved with CURECONNECTIONS will always remain connected. I am sure that the majority of you feels the same.

Two things tonight. First, I need to tell you how it felt to shut down CCC forever. And second, I simply have to send a sign of life and say thank you very much. Weiterlesen

After closing CURECONNECTIONS last night I am paralyzed. Done. Dead inside. I need beautiful music to help me through this. But I am simply not able to listen to The Cure. That hurts too much! I don’t know when I can do that again, might take some time. This one if comforting me a lot: Weiterlesen

Well, since years I have been continuously asked about my private (ceho) social profiles and channels and stuff. „What’s your Facebook, Twitter Account, Google+, Flickr, LinkedIn..?“ Truth is… Weiterlesen

Don't Pick The Flowers

I have been interviewed by David Hurley, a great and very talented cartoon and comic artist. He is a huge fan of The Cure and likes CURECONNECTIONS a lot.

You can read the interview on his „Don’t Pick The Flowers Blog“ or on CURECONNECTIONS. Don’t forget to leave a comment on each site.