Am I on Facebook/Twitter/G+ ?

Well, since years I have been continuously asked about my private (ceho) social profiles and channels and stuff. „What’s your Facebook, Twitter Account, Google+, Flickr, LinkedIn..?“ Truth is…

… I don’t have any of these. Members of CURECONNECTIONS and people I know (and DON’T know) from various places all over the world and/or the internet asked med to become their friends, contacts, whatever64_Highlight_Facebook… I am running quite a lot of social prof64_Highlight_Twitteriles etc. for all the „business“ web projects I am running. That’s more than enough. I neither have the time to add „private“ ones nor do I intend to jump on that fashionable train and make my life even more transparent than it already is…

I really don’t need FB & Co. 64_Highlight_Youtubeto stay in touch with the people I want to. And I really don’t need them to „stay in contact“ with people I barely know. Or don’t know at all. It’s about any of my websites or communities? Please drop me an email amnd you’re more than welcome! But please don’t expect me to share my life with anybody on FB, Twitter, G+….64_Highlight_Flickr

While I perfectly understand and „use“ the benefits of all that social stuff for various web projects I run, I will remain refusing to run „private“ profiles. I am sure you understand. Or you don’t… ;-).