Exclusive download: ‚REFLECTIONS‘ DVD – New York, 25.11.2011

After a long lack of updates:

Here it is.

The much anticipated DVD of the New York Reflections first night.

And a monster it is too. 3 discs and 11GB, so make sure you have some disc space for it.
The discs arrived with an officially released video clip authored into the end of each disc.
So Pussycat has painstakingly re-authored the 3 discs and added chapter marks back in to remove the un-sharable content.
This had to be done properly so as not to compress the concert footage.
The result is a pristine, lossless, good quality disc set.

!! Before you try to burn the Video TS folders, remove the .md5 files. We put those in to ensure the files were identical and so they can be used as a check & saved elsewhere when you’ve done that.

As usual, we have tried to make sure as many seeds are immediately sharing to speed it up, but always appreciate more as soon as you have the file set safely on your hard discs.

Once again, some seriously stunning cover art by Skuld is included, so you can dress the discs in Berlin black if you wish.


Check the full story and get the download >> HERE <<