A little princess

As you guys know I run and maintain the website of my super talented photographer wife Tan from Tânia Flores Photography! Previously known as the creative mastermind Skuld from CURECONNECTIONS! You don’t know what I am referring to? Than you most probably shouldn’t be reading this website. ;-)

Well, I don’t only run her website (plus at least two more of our common projects (one commercial and one very dark) to come in the near future) and be her tech-nerd-stuff and accountant and marketing-manager and what else do I know…. ;-)? Who cares? It’s definitely for the best reason.

What I know is:

  • on my own website I can ignore marketing speech and being politically correct and stuff (I can use the F-word, huh!)
  • I can tell everybody who wants to hear/read it or not how much I love to support my wife in any way I can
  • I can tell everybody who wants to hear/read it or not how much I believe in her talent and passion
  • that I love and adore to be her tech-slave and advisor and student and teacher at the same time :-D

Well, enough of the blah-blah. ;-) Let’s come to something very nice. Tan took a newborn photo-shooting a couple of days ago. Tonight I updated her website news or gallery respectively. And I got overwhelmed seeing these photos!

Having my daughter and seeing her beauty, her smartness, her development, her kindness and sweetness and yes, her stubborness (that she cleary did NOT get from me, LOL) is what is truly positive! The most positive thing in my life. Ever. What is actually keeping me going on guys!

Updating Tan’s website with the beautiful images of little princess M. made me feel all this in a very emotional way! What a beautiful newborn M. is!

How perfectly did Tan capture all this? These photos are professional and, hell, touching at the same time! They made me understand the difference between entering and leaving this life…! And they made me keeping in mind how terribly important it is to keep the love and understanding for the ones who are close to you! My daughter is the most important that I have in my life. Right beside my wife! And my mother, sister and brother and family! And the few people I call true friends. They are numbered less and less…

’nough of talking! Check the pictures by Tan! Leave your comments, and don’t forget to like and tweet the stuff!

P.S. as much as I wanted to, I respect that the pictures are not mine so I won’t show them here! Check Tan’s website and tell me and her that you feckin‘ love the pics!!

Here is the soundtrack for Princess M. and C. (well at least for tonight. May they always find their own soundtracks in life!):


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