A memento of Sydney 2011.

This was possibly the most important The Cure event of the past decade and to mark the moments we all shared across the world CURECONNECTIONS would like to present an eBook containing memories, reviews and photos of two amazing evenings in the Opera House.

Download your edition of the CURECONNECTIONS Reflection eBook.

A concert report by CURECONNECTIONS is featured in the next issue of the popular German music magazine „Zillo“ ( Zillo is Germany’s biggest magazine for alternative, dark, gothic etc. music.

The report is based on the „official“ CURECONNECTIONS „Reflections“ report/review by Steve, edited for Zillo by ceho, photography courtesy of Remo Camerota from Whitewall Studios.

Here are some scans (thanks bloodflower7):






The new Zillo magazine will be available in stores on June 21. The price is € 6,95.
You can order a copy here.

Please see this thread at CURECONNECTIONS.

Don't Pick The Flowers

I have been interviewed by David Hurley, a great and very talented cartoon and comic artist. He is a huge fan of The Cure and likes CURECONNECTIONS a lot.

You can read the interview on his „Don’t Pick The Flowers Blog“ or on CURECONNECTIONS. Don’t forget to leave a comment on each site.

Vivid Live 2011

A social group for everyone who’ll be attending, or hopes to attend, The Cure’s Reflections shows as part of Sydney’s Vivid Live 2011 festival.

Stay tuned to get the latest news and updates on the shows and meet-ups and keep in touch with everyone after the shows.


The Cure Reflections